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Hi there, this is Patrick Patrick L’hirondelle. I created Sigma Shirts last year. Full disclosure here - I’m a horrible story teller and I hired someone to tell my story. Everything here is ture but it just seems to sound better when I don't write it. I hope you enjoy it!

Patrick L’hirondelle

 Patrick L'hirondelle


Like many projects, Patrick L’hirondelle, the founder of the company, didn’t start Sigma Shirts with the intention of becoming a company at the centre of a growing community. Patrick simply got so fed up of seeing the similar boring shirt designs everywhere that he started creating his own designs for himself in 2015 and got them printed at a mom and pop shop in Edmonton, Canada. His first shirt was an artistic adaptation of the 4-wheel bike patent by Karl Lange.

Sigma Shirts 4-wheel bike

It didn’t take long that people noticed his shirts and started asking questions. They wanted to know where he was buying them. Partick enjoyed wearing exclusive shirts and hoodies for a while until he decided that it was going to try to make a living out of it by creating a community of people that wants to wear creative clothes. He knew he wasn't the only one! He then developed the patent-inspired collection. He developed his own methods of remastering vintage images for it. 


Everybody would like a shirt that stands out but it seems very hard to find a creative design, a quality shirt that you won’t feel bad for wearing outside of your house and an price that won’t make you reconsider your money management skills. We offer just that. We take the time to make great designs and we care about how the shirt will look on you. We don’t specialize in bulk orders or temporary shirts. There are many other sites for that. We see ourselves as a boutique offering creative clothing designs for those you are tired of wearing boring shirts.

We want to do way more than selling t-shirts and hoodies, we want to build a community. Please join us on Facebook or Instagram if you like what we do and you want to be part of it, share what you like and keep being posted on our latest designs.

If you want to know more, don't hesitage to contact us and it will be our pleasure.


The Sigma Shirts team